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Grand Challenges
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Grand Challenge: Green Technologies

Green Technologies: Developing environment-friendly (Green) and sustainable products, processes, and technologies.

Our efforts and contribution:



Carbon nanotubes: Environment-friendly process for production of carbon nanotubes is developed and commercialized. Patented process.


Plastic notebook: In order to avoid paper notebook and paper which comes from cutting large number of trees resulting into environmental degradation; plastic notebook is invented which is made from plastic sheets. Plastic notebook is multiple time reusable, water resistant, flexible notebook which can also be manufactured by recycling of waste plastic. Patented Product.


Conducting polymer: Indigenous, environment-friendly process for production of conducting polymers like polyaniline and polypyrrole is developed. Patented process.  


Doped ZnO: Solid-state, solvent-free process for production of doped ZnO is developed. Process is demonstrated for ZnO doped with Co. Process follows Green Chemistry principles. Patented process.