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Grand Challenges
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Grand Challenge: Innovations

Developing electricity-free production processes, products, and technologies: Availability of electricity in different parts of India, particularly in the rural regions, is very poor. In some of the villages (even near to metro cities), the electricity is available for as low as 4 – 6 hours (out of 24 hours/day). Similar is the situation for water. There is a strong need for the development of products, processes, and business models – which can run without electricity or by using renewable and locally available electric power such as solar photovoltaic electricity. There is a need for effective utilization (i.e. reducing and re-utilizing) of water in different production processes. We aim to develop such products, processes, and commercialize them – for improving rural economy, empowerment of rural people (particularly those of low income groups), reducing migration to cities and improving self-employment of rural people.

Our efforts and contribution: