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Grand Challenges
Education Unemployment & Poverty Environment Water Agriculture & Food Population Affordable Medicine & Healthcare Energy Innovations Green Technologies

Founders Message

In my personal opinion, neither the ‘Humanity’s top 10 problems’ nor the '12 principles of green chemistry/engineering’ are new to us (Indians). We are living by them and struggling to solve all along. Our ancestors have developed unique ways of living in harmony with nature at the same time developing our society. Examples that can be cited are: having a tulsi plant in front of the house (which gives 24x7 oxygen); using turmeric powder in the food; using gobar/bio-gas (which mainly contains methane) as a fuel; to Ayurveda (Indian ancient medicine system) and yoga. All along the time-line, modern industries were also moving on the then un-written (more appropriately un-compiled) principles of so called ‘Green Chemistry/Engineering’.

Due to over consumption of natural resources, polluting the environment, supremacy to control the whole world, weapons of mass-destruction, synthetic non-biodegradable materials; many life species have extensive and human life has been degraded. It is now we again recognize that we should live in harmony with nature and should move on the ‘Green’ pathway. Societal development which includes industrial and technological should be in harmony with nature; not at the cost. Here, the ‘Green color’ represents that of Mother Nature’s color.

At the center, we aim to address at the ‘Humanity’s top 10 problems’ through research and development, inventions, innovations, discoveries, developing new products and processes - all by following Green croute. Our aim is to touch to the lives of millions.

Dr. Prakash R. Somani 
Founder and Director