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Grand Challenge: Energy


Energy: Energy is the prime requirement of humans for living as well as running industries. Law of conservation of energy i.e. energy can neither be created nor be destroyed; but one form of energy can be converted into another form – leaves no scope for energy generation. Also, at every stage of energy conversion from one form to another – a part of the energy is lost as against useful work (as the efficiency of any machine can not be 100% - yet another fundamental law of thermodynamics).

Out of the various forms of energy, electric energy (electricity) is the most widely used and sought after. Depleting and/or limited conventional energy sources such as coal, natural gas, petroleum products like petrol, diesel, kerosene etc., hydroelectric; are forcing us to look for alternatives like nuclear and geothermal energy; or renewable energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy, bio-energy, and hydrogen (energy farming). Huge power losses in long distance transmission of electricity through grid promotes for local generation, storage and usage of electricity. Thus, efficient and economical - energy conversion and storage devices - become most important.

Transportation sector (which was fully dependent on liquid petroleum fuels such as petrol and diesel) is going through a major change with electric vehicles as the next generation technology. China has already taken steps towards stopping production and use of petrol and diesel cars – in order to push for non-polluting electric vehicles. Indian companies are gearing up for production of electric vehicles in India.

Our efforts are directed as follows:


Solar Energy – Photovoltaics, photothermal, solar photocatalytic hydrogen production, solar desalination


Bio-energy – Biodiesel and bio-energy, bio-fuel cells


Energy conversion & storage devices – Batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells, materials/chemicals required for such devices & applications


Reducing wastage of energy by innovating efficient products and processes


Environmentally-clean energy conversion and storage


Energy for next generation transportation


Our efforts and contribution: 


·         Composite Fuel - Indigenous technology developed. Patented Product.