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Grand Challenge: Affordable Medicine and Healthcare


Affordable medicine and healthcare: Indians on an average live a life of about 66 years as against our Asian neighbors - Chinese (75 years), South Koreans (80 years), and Japanese (84 years). This is partly related with poor quality of life; poor quality of food, water and air; and lack of good healthcare and medicine facilities; pollution and fast communicable diseases.

India has become hub for diseases like diabetes, tuberculosis (TB), cancer, malaria, AIDS, various skin diseases, kidney stone, childhood deaths due to malnutrition, and many others.

Although, pharmaceutical industry is very strong in India and doing quite well; the actual price of many medicines is still quite high. Similarly, medical treatment in India is quite expensive (from the view point of an average middle economic class Indian) and ever increasing in spite of the fact that medical tourism in India is on rise. Every Indian spends about 30 - 50% of his life’s income on medicines and health care.

Our efforts are directed towards:



Affordable medicines


Healthcare services


Indigenous development and commercialization of medical instruments and health care products


Our efforts and contribution: 


·      Indigenous technology developed for production of nuclear decorporating agent (RadiodecorporatorTM).