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Grand Challenge: Population


Population: India is the second most populous country (after China) with a total population more than 1.32 billion in 2016; and is predicated to have more than 1.53 billion people by 2030. Currently (2016), enjoying the fact that India is home to world’s largest youth population aged between 20 – 30 years and booming economy.


However, situation after 20 – 25 years will be drastically opposite. This will be an ageing and dying society. All the problems that China is currently facing; India will have to face one day. At least, China has controlled (to some extent), the rate of increase of population by adopting compulsory ‘One Child Policy’. Many other problems such as availability of food, housing, land, water, education, quality life, poverty, infrastructure, health, energy needs, etc. are all directly or indirectly related to the population and are expected to become only severe with further increase in Indian population. In India, we always have a policy of ‘No Policy or Not implementing any policy properly’. We need to be ready for the near-future situation.


Our efforts are directed towards:



Educating youths about the problems arising from over-population


Encouraging youths to postpone marriage and pregnancy – at least by an year – voluntarily


Creating emergency support systems (such as ambulance, old age homes etc.) for senior citizens


Our efforts and contribution:


Public survey ‘Should India adopt to one child policy – similar to China’