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Grand Challenge: Water


Water: About 70 % of the earth’s surface is covered with water. However, about 97 % of the water on the earth is salt (sea) water – which can not be directly used for drinking, washing cloths, bathing, and agriculture. Addition to it is the fact that we are polluting our sweet water (rivers) by mixing industrial waste, throwing garbage, dead animals etc. Unequal distribution of water (i.e. rivers flowing) by nature and (dams build by) humans; and near to complete unavailability in certain parts of the country/world makes ‘water’ a very serious issue.

Our efforts are directed as follows:


Developing technologies, innovative and economical solutions for producing potable/drinking water (Pure drinking water for every person in India and the world)


Developing technologies for industrial waste water purification and reuse


Developing technologies, strategies, action plans for ‘Water for agriculture’


Desalination – Removing salts from sea/salty water and making it useful for various applications


Our efforts and contribution: