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Grand Challenges
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Grand Challenge: Environment


Environment: Concentration of population in cities (mainly because of employment opportunity; availability of electricity, water, food, healthcare, education to children etc.) , unplanned cities and infrastructure, overconsumption of natural resources, pollution and green-house gases are all contributing for degradation of environment around us. Air-polluted Delhi is a classic live example. Probably, Delhi will be the first city in the world where odd-even rule has been applied in 2015-16 (What a pity!). Still, the problems of Delhi’s air-pollution or traffic jam have not been and will not be solved. Similar is the case for many other cities in India. Many of the Indian cities are featuring in the top polluted cities in the world (What a shame).

Our efforts are directed as follows:



Air, water, and noise pollution


Depolymerisation and plastic degradation: Depolymerisation of polymers to get monomers, Biodiesel from plastic, degradation of plastic using bacteria.


Recycling for circular economy:


Recycling of advanced, strategic, and critical materials


Recycling of battery, supercapacitor, and fuel cell materials


Recycling of electronic waste (Mobile phones, Li-ion batteries, lead acid batteries, LCDs, fluorescent lamps etc.)


Recycling of paper waste


Recycling of plastic waste


Recycling of cloths


Recycling of activated carbon


Recycling of polymers


Planting the trees – Easiest way for fixation of CO2, greenhouse effects, reducing air pollution


Our efforts and contribution: