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Grand Challenges
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Technologies / products developed


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·             Electrochromic films and devices

·             Chromic optical humidity sensor – Color changing dye doped polymer films

·             Opal and inverse opal TiO2 films

·             Production of carbon nanomaterials by using natural organic molecules / material as feedstock

·             Production of carbon nanomaterials by using waste organic hydrocarbon materials as feedstock

·             Production of carbon nanomaterials by using green-house gas – methane (i.e. Gobar gas or bio-gas) and CO2

·             Production of conducting polymers (Particularly polyaniline, polypyrrole and their derivatives) by Green chemistry route

·             Production of cobalt doped zinc oxide (ZnO-Co) by solvent-free, solid-state route

·             New Photocatalyst – Calcium oxide / Calcium Carbonate / Calcium hydroxide [CaO/CaCO3/Ca(OH)2]

·             Water purification by photocatalytic degradation of organic impurities

·             Water purification by light activated, chemically induced dye aggregation

·             Simultaneous photocatalytic waste water purification and seed germination

·             Fuel cell catalyst

·             Plastic notebook (An alternative to paper notebooks)

·             Improved tea bag

·             Liquid composite fuel using natural, regenerative hydrocarbons

·             Composite material (Activated carbon + Carbon Nanomaterials + Conducting Polymer + metal/metal oxide nanoparticles)

·             Prussian blue dye production by indigenously developed Green chemical method