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Education Unemployment & Poverty Environment Water Agriculture & Food Population Affordable Medicine & Healthcare Energy Innovations Green Technologies


Center for Grand Challenges & Green Technologies is a green technology/product development and commercialization center established by Applied Science Innovations Pvt. Ltd. (ASIPL). We plan to establish this center as a 'Center of Excellence (CoE)' in the area by leading the area of 'Green Chemistry and Technology' by way of original inventions, innovations, and discoveries - at National and International level. 'Excellence and/or relevance' is our policy. Our identified 'Thrust Areas' are closely associated with 'Top 10 Global Challenges for the next 50 years' identified by Sir R. Smalley. We plan to separate this center from ASIPL and register it as a 'Not-for-profit society' at the proper time.

Discovery of photocatalytic property of Indian edible chuna [Lime,
Calcium oxide, CaO (dry state) / Calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH)2 (aqueous dispersed state)]. 

(Discovery in 2011; first research paper published in 2013) 

 *Color change in the methylene blue dye aqueous solution due to photocatalytic degradation


Ajinkya – Our student and co-worker received his Ph. D. degree from Japan (2018)


Mrs. Sadhana A. Sawant defended her Ph. D. (Physics) open defense viva
(Thesis title: Solar energy utilization via photocatalysis) at
Department of Physics, Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University
(State University), Amravati, Maharashtra, India on 28th Jan. 2019.